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A luxury African safari company based in Cape Town and offering personalized trips throughout the African continent, Ker & Downey® Africa’s mission is quite simply to challenge, to connect and to leave a positive legacy for Africa. A powerful statement this, and perhaps the very reason why their promise to exceed expectations in planning a luxury African safari trip from anywhere in the world holds true. The quest is to push the boundaries of African travel, invoking a spirit of adventure and exploration to all who desire to experience the continent’s vibrant cultures and colourful expressions.

When one speaks of African travel, the wanderlust’s mind often journeys them to the savannah grasslands that lie in wait in the East in Kenya or far south, the rolling sand dunes of the Kalahari in Namibia and Botswana in the south west and the thick tropical jungles that make up Africa’s eastern center in Rwanda, Uganda, the Congo and parts of Tanzania lining Lake Tanganyika.  But up north, there is a wealth of history and tales of the intermingling of Arabic and European influences in Morocco and Egypt. Journeying through the now-growing-in-popularity Rwanda and the lesser known Malawi under the care of Ker & Downey® Africa will be nothing short of life changing, connecting the inquisitive mind with the essence of the continent’s past, beautifully infusing experiences that speak to the heart of the 21st century nomad in the now.

Le Grand Jardin: Where old world charm and a celebration of life come together.

Set on the grounds of a well-manicured 5-acre estate, Le Grand Jardin is the signature residence of Wonderland Escapes, a portfolio of boutique villas and residences across the world from which Le Grand Jardin is managed.   Because the private estate is in the heart of the historic Stellenbosch (est.1679) winelands, guests are welcomed to a unique property that presents old-world charm, inviting you to still time while you are there, curl up with a book in the summer house or in front of a roaring fire in winter, enjoy a stroll through the fairytale-like gardens, or when the weather permits, bask in pool side relaxation with surrounding views of the heritage-rich Stellenbosch.

Enchanting Morocco unpacked

A place of mystery and magic, Morocco calls out the contemporary nomad to follow in the century-old footsteps of travelers and traders. A feast for the senses, the gateway to Africa from the north boasts an enchanting mix of Arabian, Native Berber and Mediterranean cultural heritage and tradition. Travel to Morocco and wander through colorful mazes of the ancient medina in Fez, watch Marrakech come to life at Djemaa El-Fna street theater, admire the mesmerizing blue facades of Chefchaouen, or simply take it all in while sipping on a cup of mint tea from the corner street café in Casablanca.

Want to take your Moroccan adventure beyond the ancient cities? The country’s diverse landscapes invite visitors to journey through the Sahara desert on the back of a camel, take to the skies on a hot air balloon safari over the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, or surf the clean waves along the coast at Safi Beach. Whichever destination choose for Morocco, Ker & Downey® promises travellers a distinctively enchanting itinerary for even the most seasoned of adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts.

A snapshot of the cradle of humanity in Egypt

Egypt is a beguiling land steeped in ancient history, dating back thousands of years to the dawn of civilization itself. This enchanting land is shrouded in history and has captured the imagination of travelers for centuries. Located far up in the northeast of Africa, linking the continent to the Middle East, the country is characterized by a diversity of landscapes, cultures and ancient artifacts.

One of Egypt’s most charming and friendly cities, nestled along the banks of the Nile River is Aswan. This breathtaking region is characterized by lush greenery, granite cliffs, archeological temples, museums, and the brightly colored houses of the indigenous Nubian people.

The beauty of Aswan is best explored on a scenic felucca river cruise down the Nile. These traditional wooden sailing vessels, sometimes referred to as ‘dhows of the Nile’, have been a fixture on the watery highway for centuries.

Relax and discover stunning riverbank landscapes, fascinating ancient sites, and colorful villages from the comfort of the boat and understand why Aswan is such a unique and charming part of Egypt’s makeup. A sunset cruise is particularly great for budding photographers when, amongst hundreds of lanteen-sailed feluccas, the Nile river shimmers in the light of the setting sun.

Harness the power of biodiversity in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country of ever-changing landscapes ranging from rocky mountains, to dense green rainforests and expansive savannah plains. Such biodiversity brings a unique and varied spectrum of wildlife experiences to all those that dare to venture into the remote regions of Africa. Famous for primate trekking and jaw dropping landscapes, countless hiking trails and the incredible Lake Kivu, Rwanda is not to be missed.

The highlight of a trip to Rwanda is undoubtedly a trek through the famous Volcanoes National Park to come face-to-face with Africa’s mountain gorillas as they eat, play and groom in their natural habitat. Located in the far northwest of the country, the park – considered to be the best gorilla trekking destination in the world – protects the steep slopes of the Virunga mountain range and is home to more than half the world’s endangered gorillas.

With so few of these majestic giants left in the world, this is a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience that will leave you humbled as you gain an intimate glimpse into their intricate family lives.

Let the warm heart of Africa speak to you in Malawi

Malawi is undoubtedly one of Africa’s untouched wildlife destinations. This landlocked African country is dominated by towering mountains and cliffs, the vast Lake Malawi, and endless savannah plains that are home to huge herds of elephants, prides of lions, bathing hippos and countless other huge and impressive wild animals. The Great Rift Valley dissects the country in two, creating Africa’s third-largest lake, which is popular with divers, snorkelers, kayakers and beach goers.

Malawi is quickly emerging as one of Africa’s top safari destinations and its small size puts all that the country has to offer within easy reach – cloud-coated mountain peaks in the south, rolling highlands in the north, and expansive waterways and grassy plains in the center. Majete Wildlife Reserve is Malawi’s only Big Five destination and under the management of Africa Parks, it has become a conservation success story. Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and Liwonde National Park are also fast becoming top wildlife destinations in Malawi.

Tailor-made safaris that inspire transformation

The call to discover Africa as a riveting as it is a sure guarantee to connect with the essence of creation in its untouched elements. Few experiences rival going on safari, and a luxury safari easily steps things up several notches, especially given the level of detail that goes into travel experiential design. Whether one is taking on a destination as renowned as Egypt or is keen to discover the warm heart of Africa in Malawi, Ker & Downey® Africa offers a spectacular array of luxury safari experiences to choose from; from solo travel, private, fly-in, wildlife conservation and family safaris, wildebeest migration, bush and beach, gorilla trekking and walking safaris

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