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Words by Yvonne C Mtengwa

We’ve all scaled the internet looking for the best tours to join when exploring a new destination. Cape Town remains a favourite for most who have had the opportunity to experience this vibrant city that offers a kaleidoscope of experiences between the majestic Table Mountain and sparkling coastlines. To truly capture its essence, one needs a touch of adventure, a dash of luxury, and a healthy dose of breathtaking scenery. And so of course when I set my feet in the Mother City at the top of the year, I called on Lizanne Gomes, Owner/Director at Jeep Tours Cape Town to bring me up to speed with what experiences she and her team had conjured up since my last ride on the famed Cape Townian Jeep entourage

Jeep Adventures: Unveiling the City’s Secrets

My Capetonian wine tasting odyssey began an early morning pick up from the delightfully chic Winchester Boutique Hotel, which exudes a delicate Cape Dutch charm, sits on the Sea Point Promenade, and boasts sweeping ocean views and elements of the city’s skyline. Forget the confines of a traditional tour bus. I decided a long time ago through my travels, that there is always an elegant, more inspired way to explore a city, and if I have it my way, it won’t be couped up in a branded minibus. I was deeply honoured on this occasion, to have Lizanne carve out her morning to take me on a personalised tour of the winelands. Ensconced in her signature red customized Jeep Wrangler, with its open roof allowing the sights, sounds, and fresh Cape Town air to wash over me on this crisp yet sunny morning, we headed towards Klein Constantia for our morning wine-inspired adventure.

What makes a ride with Jeep Tours Cape Town so epic

With perfectly curated tours that unveil the best of Cape Town and her surrounds, Jeep Tours Cape Town has mastered a personalised, exhilarating approach to highlighting what makes the Mother City so special, with each tailormade tour taking you on a journey beyond the postcard-perfect views. Imagine traversing scenic Chapman’s Peak Drive, a ribbon of road snaking along dramatic cliffs with the vast ocean as your backdrop. As the wind blows against your countenance, your guide, a seasoned Jeep driver, regales you with tales of the area’s rich history, pointing out hidden coves and historical landmarks.

A Feast for the Senses

The adventure doesn’t stop at the asphalt. Jeep Tours Cape Town ventures off-road, taking you to hidden gems inaccessible by conventional vehicles. Most popular destinations include heading out to the nearby Table Mountain and Hout Bay or venturing to as far as the Cape Point Vineyards, Boulders Beach, Franschhoek or the Atlantis Dunes. On the way, you’ll breathe in the intoxicating fragrance of fynbos, a unique South African floral kingdom, and marvel at the occasional vibrant display of proteas, the national flower.

While I would have loved to activate my quest for adventure with a Jeep tour to the Cape Point Nature Reserve, navigating the dramatic curves of Chapman’s Peak and witnessing the raw power of nature at the iconic Cape of Good Hope  where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans converge, the goal with my tour was to slow things down a little bit, taking on an educational element by visiting Klein Constantia, one of South Africa’s most prolific wine estates.

Jeeps, Vineyards, and Exquisite Wines

Driving through a set of imposing gates heralded my time to unwind and tantalize my taste buds with a luxurious wine tasting tour at Klein Constantia, one of South Africa’s oldest working wine estate. Granted, it was quite early in the day, but Capetonians and frequent travellers into this cosmopolitan city know that no one checks the time when it comes to itineraries that incorporate cuisine and high-level notes on viticulture.

Established in 1685, Klein Constantia boasts a rich heritage interwoven with the very fabric of Cape Town’s story. The moment you arrive at the sprawling estate, with its elegant manor house nestled amidst rolling vineyards, you’ll be transported to a world of sophistication. I was in for treat as I embarked on a unique journey into the heart of the estate’s most prized possession, driving through the vineyards, picking, and tasting grapes right off the vine, to later exploring the historic cellar.  A testament to centuries of winemaking tradition, what better way to learn about the unique terroir that shapes the character of this estate’s iconic Vin de Constance dessert wine.

Atop a stellar vantage point, where rows and rows of vines stretched towards the undulous landscape below, it was time for the signature photo-op, and of course, opening a bottle to savour the rich, complex flavours the chilled sparkling white had to offer, each sip a live reminder of to the expertise and dedication of Klein Constantia’s winemakers.

A Toast to Cape Town’s Essence

As the bright blue skies and warm sunshine bathed the vineyards in a warm glow, we rose our glasses of sparkling white wine to an unforgettable morning. Jeep Tours Cape Town, with its adventurous spirit and breathtaking landscapes shone to us mile after mile, perfectly complemented the luxurious, knowledge infused indulgence of the Klein Constantia experience. Together, they offered me a quintessential Cape Town experience, a tapestry woven with natural wonders, rich history, the city’s vibrant spirit and a perfect pace for someone working through a robust itinerary.

Leaving Cape Town with a heart full of memories and a palate lingering with the taste of exquisite wines, you’ll understand why this city holds such a powerful allure. It’s a place where adventure meets luxury, where history whispers from every corner, and where the beauty of nature inspires awe. And with Jeep Tours Cape Town and Klein Constantia forming a part of your itinerary, you’ll have unlocked some of the Mother City’s secrets in a way that will have you yearning to make your return!  

Yvonne C Mtengwa is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Travel Essence Magazine, a Communications Strategist by profession, with an avid passion for discovering Africa and the Middle East’s iconic landscapes through her travels. Connect with and follow her travel, tourism, and lifestyle experiences on: IG @Quintessentially_yvonne.



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