African Lounge Abu Dhabi Where Safari-inspired Glamour meets the Arabian Sea

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African Lounge, a tented safari camp experience within the prestigious Flamingo Collection by Tashas Group, invites guests to embark on an expedition through the heart of Africa. Nestled within The Galleria at Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, this exclusive lounge is a sanctuary that presents an immersive experience, offering an elegant and plush escape from the ordinary. It opened its doors on Al Maryah Island in November 2023, marking another significant milestone for Tashas Group. African Lounge represents the untamed beauty of the African safari, and it is thoughtfully designed to evoke the relaxed style of a tented African safari camp.

“We wanted the lounge to transport visitors on a sensory journey that brings together Africa’s diverse landscape and flavours from around the world. Bringing this safari-inspired glamour to Abu Dhabi is not just about introducing a new dining concept; it’s about sharing a piece of my heart with the city,” says Natasha Sideris, acclaimed Restauranteur, and the Founder and CEO of Tashas Group.

“From the emerald-green interiors and the splashes of gold to the flowing fabrics that adorn the area, every detail, from the interiors to the menu, reflects the profound spirit of the continent. With the option of sitting indoors amidst a luxurious safari tent, or outdoors, surrounded by lush greenery and a unique sea view, we aimed to create an ambience that pays homage to the breathtaking beauty of Africa,” she adds.

Bold textures and flavours in the mix

The allure of African Lounge lies in its exclusive offering, where guests can experience the enchanting blend of premium mocktails, exotic cocktails, savoury bites, shareable plates, and an extensive collection of Mariage Frères, the iconic French tea brand. Each detail is thoughtfully crafted to captivate every heart, making African Lounge a destination that transcends the ordinary and stirs a spirit of adventure. Bold flavours take centre stage through the venue’s dining menu, featuring sharing plates like the toasty Grilled Bao with its showstopper Malay-spiced butter that is delicately moulded into cheeky animal pawprints in homage to Africa’s iconic wilderness.  Another highlight is the Calamari Sosaties, a zesty twist on a South African classic traditionally made with meat skewers.

Those looking for heartier options can try the masala-infused Prawn Arancini, served with fresh sambal salad, and placed on a bed of coriander salsa, or the Short Rib Sliders prepared with fall-apart braised short rib, a flavourful South African relish created with mixed peppers, called chakalaka, and a unique kimchi mayo.

A variety of indulgent desserts also await guests, such as The Sahara, with sweet apricot compote, cocoa nib shortbread, a caramel chantilly and topped with apricot sorbet, and the Nyiri, a deliciously baked passion fruit custard with macadamia praline and sugar dough, served with a tangy passion fruit cream and ice cream, beautifully constructed to appear like a traditional African mask.

Delight your senses with the tangy Tangerine Queen, a compelling mix of mandarin, passion fruit, kaffir lime, lemongrass, and carbonated ginger — sharing a vibrant tale reminiscent of an African sunset. Experience the vibrant King of the Bongo, blending Kiwi, lime, pineapple, jasmine leaf tea, and whey and savour the invigorating Senzo Spot, featuring Kalamansi, lime, pineapple, Sichuan pepper, and infused with sweet agave nectar. These premium mocktails, to name but a few, are crafted with precision, offering a symphony of tastes that elevate the senses and pair perfectly with the exciting fare of African Lounge.

Furthermore, the awe-inspiring lounge offers guests a trademark selection of cocktails that add a touch of sophistication to the experience, promising an engaging journey that whets the taste buds. Highlights include beverages like To Crown it All, made with Absolut Elyx, passion fruit, mandarin, kaffir lime, lemongrass, and ginger soda and the enticing Madiba Fashion with Michter’s Bourbon, demerara sugar, aromatic bitters, and beeswax.

African Lounge unfolds as an intimate haven where guests can unwind amidst carefully curated interiors adorned in emerald green and splashes of gold. Boasting an intimate interior engulfed in tented luxury, the venue beckons guests to indulge in a soulful escape. Additionally, an outdoor terrace, surrounded by lush greenery and featuring a flowing fabric canopy in a complementary verdant hue, provides scenic views of the canal. This harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces invites guests to embrace the glamour of Africa in every moment, evoking a sense of soulful indulgence and an adventurous spirit. “We are thrilled to bring a concept inspired by the beauty of Africa and the safari tented camp experience to Abu Dhabi’s restaurant scene. Growing up in South Africa, I developed an enduring love affair with the strong flavours, warm hospitality, and breathtaking landscapes of the continent. This distinct dining experience offers something truly special, providing a fresh and exciting perspective for the capital. It’s our way of inviting guests to experience the essence of Africa, to savour exotic flavours, and to be transported to a place that effortlessly blends international cuisines,” says Natasha.


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