Beans of Change: Emirati owned ROR Coffee Solutions joins forces with Rwandan Women Farmers

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In March 2024, Rate of Rise Coffee Solutions (ROR), a homegrown Emirati-owned enterprise, hosted an event in commemoration of International Women’s Day, also announcing a significant partnership between ROR Coffee and a Rwandan’s women’s farm. ROR Coffee Solutions serves as a premier one-stop-shop for all coffee requirements across the GCC region, and with a strong commitment to excellence and sustainability, has been proudly sourcing specialty green coffee from coffee farms in Kenya, Brazil, Costa Rica, Yemen, and Colombia since its launch in 2017.

This landmark event was highlighted by ROR Coffee hosting Esther Mukangango, a woman farmer from Nyarguru, Rwanda. This remarkable and resilient woman had the chance to express her enthusiasm of being invited to the UAE and experience ROR coffee’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 

Bringing sustainable coffee to the UAE

Esther Mukangango shared her riveting story, by recounting the inspiring journey of 125 women uniting with a common goal to fight poverty by saving and lending money amongst each other. Together, they formed a union called Nyampinga – which translates to “beautiful women in and out.” The women of Nyampinga are recognized for their remarkably high level of cooperative management skills, due to which they were able to collect substantial capital and purchase coffee farms. Their impactful movement earned them global recognition, which led to support from more than three local and international banks to provide these women farmers with working capital for coffee harvesting and processing. Furthermore, with partnership and assistance from non-profit Sustainable Growers, Nyampinga is able to highlight the visibility of women coffee farmers from seed to cup.  

In the past, women like Esther had never tasted nor had access to coffee in Rwanda as it was seen as a man’s drink. Esther inspired the audience by expressing pride in not only being able to own coffee farms, but also being able to now export coffee to the USA, Europe and to the Middle East. Attendees at the event were moved as Esther highlighted the fact that she and several other women farmers are now able to solve their primary needs by sending their children to school, paying for health insurance, and contributing to a pension scheme for the elderly.

On the other hand, Esther was quick to spill the beans as she expressed gratitude upon realizing that their diligent efforts were being supported by ROR Coffee. ROR Coffee revealed that a percentage from every product sold goes back to Esther and the Nyampinga cooperative, contributing to a brighter future for them and their communities.

A taste of Nyampinga in Dubai

Moreover, ROR enhanced the event by serving a variety of freshly brewed hot coffee imported directly from Esther’s farm in Rwanda for the attendees. They used their efficient electric roasters, which have been implemented to reduce their emissions in line with their sustainability goal of cutting carbon emissions by 20% by 2025. Guests were also treated to an exclusive glimpse of ROR’s collaboration with Frothing Friday’s electric vehicle fleet, utilized for sales, QC and technical purposes – working hand-in-hand to propel them towards their sustainability goals. They also highlighted their fully compostable coffee bags, capsules, and cups across their product portfolio, in a bid to reduce waste.

ROR Coffee’s commitment to fair trade and their partnership with Rwandan women farmers marks a significant milestone in their commitment to support and empower women. The success of their impactful event serves as a beacon, inspiring other companies in the coffee industry to not only adopt similar practices but also contribute to fostering a fairer world for women farmers and cultivating a sustainable environment. 

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