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A tale of Celebrating the Evolution of African Culture in the UAE

The All Africa Festival, co-founded by couple Nina and Timothy Olatoke, bears testament to the resilience of a people with a passion for sharing the uniqueness, vibrancy, and complexities of arguably one of the most diverse continents in the world. Five years on since the very first event was held in Dubai’s Creek Park, the All Africa Festival has grown leaps and bounds, through a post-Covid era that took the extravaganza on a journey of two consecutive years in Dubai’s iconic Burj Park.

But with growth comes change, and in the case of the All-Africa Festival, Nina, Tim, and their team of mavericks are getting ready to take the award-winning festival, and the UAE’s largest celebration of Africa’s rich and diverse cultures in all their vibrant expressions and representations, to Abu Dhabi, for the very first time since its UAE debut in 2018.

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, a rich tapestry of cultures converges, creating a vibrant mosaic that transcends borders. Approximately 200 nationalities are recorded as calling the UAE across its seven Emirates home, where all work and live together harmoniously in a backdrop of tolerance, safety, and innovation. Among the myriad of influences shaping this dynamic cultural landscape, the evolution of African culture has emerged as a captivating narrative, seamlessly yet subtly interwoven with the fabric of the UAE.

Through the rhythmic beats of music, the expressive strokes of art, the bold statements of fashion, and the diverse flavours of dining, the African cultural influence has found a resonant home in the desert oasis. And now, with the All Africa Festival organizers having announced that the Festival is making its way to Abu Dhabi in February 2024, the stage for this 3-day cultural extravaganza will be set on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s premier family entertainment destination. 

Celebrating Musical Crossroads: The Pulse of African Rhythms

Announced performers so far include Congolese French singer, rapper, and songwriter Maître Gims, Canadian Moroccan actress, singer and dancer Nora Fatehi, Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and reggae musician Stonebwoy, Tanzanian Bongo Flava recording artist Diamond Platnumz, French hip hop, R&B and urban pop singer-songwriter Vegedream, Moroccan rapper ElGrandeToto, Sudanese singer/songwriter Hleem Taj Alser and Ethiopian hip hop artist Lij Michael (Faf) as some of the performers slated to take to the All Africa Festival stage.

South African dancer and singer Kamo Mphela, Zimbabwean-born “Queen of Amapiano” Sha Sha, Congolese Soukous Star, Singer and Producer Koffi Olomide and Zimbabwean-born Singer, Songwriter Berita also join the fold of artists performing in Abu Dhabi at All Africa Festival.

The soulful melodies and infectious rhythms of African music have transcended geographical boundaries to find a welcoming stage in the UAE. From traditional drumming circles to contemporary Afrobeat and Amapiano fusion, the local music scene pulsates with the diversity of African sounds. Renowned African musicians frequently grace the stages of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with more concert organizers and promoters bringing global artists such as Davido, Major League DJs, and Asake to local arenas in 2023 alone. These musical encounters serve as a bridge, connecting disparate cultures through a shared appreciation for the universal language of music.

Artistic Expression: Visual Narratives Unveiled

Plans are underway to bring in the realm of visual arts at the All Africa Festival, as African creativity paints a vivid narrative that transcends the canvas. Residents have witnessed the emergence of local galleries, Effie Gallery in Al Quoz being one such example to proudly showcase the works of African artists, whose pieces explore themes ranging from identity and heritage to the convergence of tradition and modernity. Through planned art-focused activations, guests at the Festival can anticipate the bold use of colours and the symbolic depth within African art resonating with art enthusiasts, the aim of the activations of which is to foster a deeper understanding of the continent’s diverse cultures. Through exhibitions and collaborative projects that the All Africa Festival has been a part off over the years, it is quite apparent just how much the UAE has become a canvas where African artists can share their stories with a global audience.

Fashion Fusion: A Tapestry of Textiles and Styles

The evolution of African fashion has found a runway in the cosmopolitan streets of the UAE, with the Africa Fashion Week Middle East that took place in Dubai’s DIFC District, coming in as a prime example of a celebration of the culture through fashion.  Traditional garments, adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant hues, are not only celebrated during cultural events but have also permeated mainstream fashion. Embracing the spirit of diversity, local designers often draw inspiration from African textiles and traditional attire, creating a fusion that reflects the harmonious coexistence of cultures. As fashion shows dedicated to African designs are becoming a fixture on the UAE’s fashion calendar, we can anticipate Afro-inspired fashion, be it clothing and accessories, to find their way onto the Festival grounds at Yas Island’s Etihad Park come February of next year.

AFF set to spotlight a feast of flavours from the Motherland

What’s a festival without the promise of culinary immersion, right? It is no surprise that the aromatic spices and bold flavours of African cuisine have found a seat at the UAE’s multicultural dining table. From Nigerian Jollof rice, Kenyan Nyama Choma to South African bobotie, the gastronomic landscape has expanded to encompass a diverse array of African culinary delights. Specialized restaurants, food trucks, and pop-ups as well as fusion eateries, will be on hand to add to the celebration of the complexity of African flavours, offering a chance to embark festival goers a culinary journey across the continent from Abu Dhabi.

In the confluence of music, arts, fashion, and dining, the UAE stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of cultures. The celebration of African influence has become an integral part of this mosaic, adding depth and diversity to the cultural narrative of the Emirates. As the evolution of African culture continues to unfold on the Arabian Peninsula, the All Africa Festival presents a shared appreciation for creativity, expression, and heritage that creates a bridge that connects two continents, fostering understanding and unity in the spirit of a global community. And whether you are a festival lover, African culture enthusiast, tourist, or vendor – you are invited!

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