Hikina Restaurant reopens its doors at Lapita, Dubai Parks & Resorts

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Lapita, Dubai Parks, and Resorts is excited to announce that Hikina Restaurant has re-opened its doors and will once again showcase delicious Pan-Asian fare, including traditional dishes from the Far East.

Inspired by the Hawaiian word ‘Hikina’, which means ‘East’, the restaurant celebrates an explosive roller coaster of Far Eastern tastes that draws on an exotic spectrum of textures and aromas, to bring guests a sumptuous, authentic, and wholesome dining experience. An ode to the history of the Lapita tribe, which departed Asia on a journey to explore and settle throughout Polynesia, Hikina helps diners explore the diverse range of Far Eastern cuisines by elevating the well-known, casual street food experience with gourmet dishes and exclusive cocktails in a serene environment.

Guests can expect to be taken on a flavorsome journey that champions Southeast Asian culinary heritage, cooking styles, and techniques, offering an enhanced street food dining experience.

Signature dishes include Pad Thai, Indonesian Chicken, Glazed Salmon, Tom Yam, and Singaporean Noodles, all of which remain loyal to their origins to maintain the essence of true street food flavours.

A stellar cocktail menu will accompany the food, with each cocktail crafted with a story in mind, taking inspiration from the Pan-Asian concept of the restaurant as well as the Lapita’s Polynesian DNA. Exclusively crafted for Hikina, cocktails include Mekong, Crouching Panda, and Mäori Mango.

At Hikina guests will immerse themselves in a dimly lit, and intimate dining space with a lively open kitchen that will certainly add to the authentic atmosphere. Additionally, there is a bar and lounge for those wishing to unwind with a drink.

Adding to the overall experience, guests will be invited to witness the Ahi-Ahi Ceremony which means sunset in Hawaiian. Taking place daily, this ritual celebrates the Polynesian heritage and begins with the blowing of the Conch (Pu), followed by the lighting of the torches to mark the beginning of the magical hour.

Naleem Ariff, Lapita’s General Manager explains, “We are delighted to re-open the doors of Hikina, bringing an exciting and unique dining experience that draws inspiration from Southeast Asia’s bustling street markets to recreate a lively, vibrant, and relaxed environment within our Polynesian themed hotel.”

Hikina is calling for all venturesome food explorers from Dubai and beyond to embark on a gastronomical journey mapping across the far reaches of Asia while savoring a variety of dishes that are ultimately bound by authenticity.

Restaurant Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday | 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm


Call (04) 810 9421

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