Habitas AlUla – An Oasis of Ethereal Beauty

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Where Timeless Heritage Meets Immersive Hospitality in an Ancient Oasis

Nestled within the uncharted AlUla region in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, Habitas AlUla bring a fresh perspective to the world of travel and luxury. Habitas, a trailblazing hospitality brand renowned for its sustainable and experience-driven approach, launched Habitas AlUla in November 2021. This serene resort stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence between human innovation and the breathtaking natural surroundings of the Saudi Arabian Desert.

Habitas has been redefining the concept of traditional luxury, focusing on genuine human connection, authentic experiences, and sustainable practices. With successful properties in Mexico, Namibia, Morocco, US, Chile and Saudi Arabia, Habitas has carved a niche for itself in the hospitality landscape by pioneering an approach that transcends mere accommodation and ventures into the realm of life-enriching encounters.

Habitas AlUla is a manifestation of the brand’s commitment to melding cultural heritage with the environment. Situated within the Ashar Valley, an ancient oasis cradled by sandstone cliffs and palm groves, the resort embodies the essence of AlUla’s unique landscape. The 96 guest rooms, elegantly categorised into various villa styles, including Art Villas, Wellness Villas, Arabian Villas, Celestial Villas, Canyon Villas, and Alcove Villas, gracefully blend into their surroundings through the use of ethically-sourced organic materials.

The resort’s location in AlUla is nothing short of transformative. This ancient region is steeped in history, bearing the imprints of civilisations that have traversed its landscapes for thousands of years. AlUla’s monumental significance is palpable through its 22,561 km2 expanse, encompassing a diverse range of natural wonders, from lush oasis valleys to towering sandstone mountains. Among the most prominent sites is Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprising an intricate array of well-preserved tombs and structures carved into sandstone.

Dadan, another treasured heritage site, stands as the capital of the Dadan and Lihyan Kingdoms. Its architectural marvels offer a glimpse into the advanced urban planning of the 1st millennium BCE Arabian Peninsula. Jabal Ikmah, an open-air library adorned with inscriptions in various languages, underscores the intellectual richness that has flourished in this region over the ages.

What sets Habitas AlUla apart is its steadfast commitment to sustainable construction and its remarkable ability to blend into the ancient desert landscape without causing any disruption to nature or the environment. This unique ethos of minimal environmental impact and responsible design resonates throughout every aspect of the resort.

By using a modular-build approach, the resort not only maintains a low ecological footprint but also encourages seamless integration between human-made structures and the natural surroundings. This dynamic synergy produces spaces that are more than just accommodations; resulting in spaces that invite meaningful experiences and introspection.

Habitas AlUla embodies the brand’s six core programming pillars: music, wellness, adventure, culture, learning, and culinary. These pillars form the framework for a multifaceted guest experience that immerses visitors in the genuine essence of the region’s culture and environment. The resort’s activities encompass a spectrum of encounters, from art and culture walks that reveal the stories woven into AlUla’s history to invigorating canyon treks that offer a deeper connection to nature.

Central to the Habitas AlUla experience is the on-site restaurant Tama, named after the Aramaic word for “here.” This choice exemplifies Habitas’ core beliefs: the importance of being present in the moment. Tama also functions as a communal space where guests embark on a culinary voyage. The culinary concept seamlessly blends the essence of Saudi and Middle Eastern cuisines, sourcing locally grown, fresh ingredients to illuminate the distinctive flavours that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Drawing its name from a star constellation revered by Bedouins for navigation, Thuraya Wellness emerges as the resort’s sanctuary for rejuvenation and tranquillity. Within its serene confines, guests find solace and renewal. Thuraya Wellness unfolds a haven featuring a serene lounge adorned with an alchemy bar, dedicated spa treatment rooms, an advanced fitness hub, an outdoor wellness agora, and a contemplative yoga studio.

Habitas AlUla’s dedication to preserving the beauty and balance of its surroundings distinguishes it as a beacon of eco-conscious hospitality. Embedded in the heart of the Saudi Arabian Desert this resort beckons travelers to step into an immersive realm where genuine connections, cultural immersion, and sustainable opulence intertwine. By respecting the land’s heritage and ensuring a delicate coexistence with the environment, the resort stands as a testament to the potential of sustainable luxury in perfect harmony with nature.

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