Getting social? Bites and things across Dubai for your Ultimate Summer Vibes

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The heat is on this summer, signalling vacation vibes, casual settings with friends and family over cool music, refreshing drinks and bites to have you consider coming back for more. While only the brave will venture outside for a time under the sunny skies, there are plenty of indoor spots to check out around Dubai for a perfect vibe to end your working day or usher in the weekend. Here is our pick of casual chic establishments that have caught our eye and tantalised our tastebuds for a few hours of top times.


1.Farrago Bar & Lounge: Farrago, translating to “a confused mixture,” transcends being merely a venue; it stands as a pulsating hub for those who relish being at the forefront of style and innovation. Tucked away in this discreet social spot in the W Dubai – Mina Seyahi, Farrago Bar & Lounge seamlessly blends contemporary-meets-heritage aesthetics. The interiors, bedecked in plush velvet and decadent décor, exude sophistication. Simultaneously, the outdoor terrace metamorphoses into a relaxation oasis, boasting concrete benches, garden walls adorned with plush cushions, low tables, and laid-back loungers—an irresistible invitation to unwind with friends.

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2. Beefbar: Beefbar’s new cocktail menu is driven by the creativity of its bartenders and inspired by Beefbar destinations around the world. The cocktails are classic and timeless, but above all, they are truly surprising creations that reflect the Beefbar identity and are perfectly paired with their dishes, especially their wide selection of Street Food. The selection evolves with the seasons, and their syrups and infusions are prepared with great care at Beefbar.

Beverages include the Mediterranean Touch, a light, refreshing and fruity cocktail made with lychee liqueur, fig jam, green apple juice, ginger syrup, and cucumber foam, the Aged Negroni, a twist on the classic negroni which is aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of 14 days, the Oaxaca Day, a mezcal based, citrusy, and spiced medium sweet drink made with yellow tomato & grapefruit soda, citrus sherbet, cardamom, bitter, and sesame powder, and many more cocktails.

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3. Avli by tashas: As blue skies and sunshine herald the arrival of summer in Greece, Avli by tashas invites all to savour the essence of the summer season with its exceptional selection of seafood dishes. Crafted by Head Chef Vlassia Anagnostou, these dishes reflect her passion for simple yet high-quality Greek ingredients, bringing the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean to Dubai.

Avli’s seafood dishes include a variety of cold and hot plates, perfect for enjoying the start of summer. The Grilled Octopus Salad is made with cauliflower skordalia, yellow cherry tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine, lemon butter, and paprika. For those who enjoy delicate flavours, the Octopus Carpaccio is a must-try, with thinly sliced octopus delicately seasoned with fennel citrus dressing, marinated fennel, kumquat glyko, garlic mayo, fresh herbs, micro cress, baby capers, and salmon roe to preserve its fresh, oceanic taste.

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4. Bungalo34: Unwind in an effortlessly glamorous way at Bungalo34, nestled by the coastal oasis of Pearl Jumeirah. While the seaside hideaway’s terrace closes for the summer, the venue’s cool indoors, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, ensures that guests can enjoy the renowned breathtaking views even during the hot summer months.

Sure to satisfy all cravings and delight every palate with Mediterranean-inspired dishes, the classic menu at Bungalo34 brings a touch of France and Italy to each plate. Guests can indulge in exquisite dishes such as The Wedge, a refreshing salad of iceberg, blue cheese dressing, radish, pecan nut praline, dill, and red onion. For a delightful sharing experience, a must-try is the Treccia, which features pickled tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, sliced heirlooms, and buffalo mozzarella. They shouldn’t miss The Sofia, a stunning dish of jumbo prawns, mussels, clams, tiger prawns, shellfish cherry tomato stew, and fresh fettuccine, served in a beautiful, sculpted bowl that enhances the dining experience.

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5. La Petite Maison (LPM) Dubai: Inspired by the rich tradition of aperitif in the South of France and Mediterranean countries, Cinq à Sept creates a buzzing atmosphere for friends and colleagues to gather at LPM’s stunning bar. Paying homage to the nostalgic days of spending holidays on the French Riviera, it’s a moment where time stops, hearts beat a little faster, and the laughter and conversations never end. Fresh, cheeky, and whimsical music fills the air through a curated playlist full of playful songs to make LPM a go-to destination for after-work drinks.

Paired with a handcrafted cocktail from the Cinq à Sept menu, the bar bites are designed to complement the libations and transport guests to the sunny South of France. Indulge in an Escargot appetiser with the Burgundy Snails in Puff Pastry, a delightful blend of flavours that leaves taste buds craving more. Guests can also opt for the Quinoa and Warm Heirloom Tomato Tart, which adds a delightful Mediterranean twist. The Prawn Croquettes and Marinated Prawn Skewers complete the tempting bar food selection, delivering a lovely symphony of tastes. Rest assured that a few dishes from the previous menu will still be available, such as the Burrata Tartine, Beef Cecina with Tomato Toast, and Spiced Beef Skewers

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6. Don’t feel like going outside? Say less! tashas reels in our 6th on the count with a cookbook inspired by dishes from tashas café’s across the UAE. Celebrate the summer spirit from the comfort of home with the tashas café’s Inspired cookbook. Featuring a collection of classic recipes from cuisines around the world, this beautifully illustrated cookbook contains over 80 pieces of original art and stunning photography. The tashas Inspired cookbook will inspire home cooks to recreate the dishes of the French bistro and Spanish tapas bar; the New York deli, Greek taverna, and Middle Eastern souk for beloved family and friends this summer.

Crafted with a sharing concept in mind, easy-to-follow instructions, and readily available ingredients, the tashas Inspired cookbook serves as a curated series of summer recipes that are accessible to experienced or amateur cooks. Every chapter has a uniquely curated Spotify playlist to accompany every joyous moment while cooking and dining together. From refreshing drinks to delicious desserts, the tashas Inspired cookbook brings its signature dishes home this summer for food lovers to replicate these meals with ease. Pick up a copy from the nearest tashas cafe today!



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