Maputo: From Boardrooms to Paradise

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Words by Ruvimbo Mudzingwa

Ah, Maputo. The name conjures images of sun-drenched beaches, vibrant culture, and thepromise of mouth-watering cuisine. But what if you find yourself in this Mozambican gem on a business trip, your calendar packed tight with meetings? Fear not fellow luxury traveller, for Maputo offers a delightful blend of work and play, ensuring your stay is anything but a monotonous grind.

Luxury Defined: Convenience and Oceanfront Bliss

My home for this adventure was the Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence, Maputo. Perfectly situated, it offered the ultimate convenience – close to my business meetings, a stone’s throw from the beach, and surrounded by a delectable array of restaurants. The plush lounges were ideal for catching up on reports and virtual meetings, while my spacious room provided a haven of tranquillity. I’ll be honest though – a peek into my colleague’s ocean view suite left me yearning for some beachfront bliss – a trip for next time!

A Culinary Symphony: From Seafood Sensations to Happiness on a Plate

Maputo’s culinary scene is a symphony for the senses, and my first stop was Sagres, a haven for seafood lovers. Here, the art of balancing flavours reached new heights. Steamed vegetables, often relegated to bland sidekicks, were transformed by a magical lemon and garlic sauce, bursting with life in every bite. But the show’s star was undoubtedly the prawn – the most succulent and flavourful I’ve ever encountered. The ambience was a feast for the eyes, the perfect complement to an unforgettable meal.

For a dazzling atmosphere, South Beach is your go-to place. Imagine a scene straight out of a movie: whitewashed décor blending seamlessly with the pristine sand and turquoise ocean. This picture-perfect haven was ideal for unwinding after a long day of strategising. As I sipped my drink, the gentle caress of the ocean breeze and the rhythmic sound of the waves painted a picture of pure luxury.

Unwinding in Style: Cocktails, Music, and Local Flavours

No business trip is complete without some post-work indulgence, and Jimmy’s Bar and Grill answers your cocktail prayers. From the moment you step in, the sheer sophistication of the place takes your breath away. The handcrafted cocktails are a visual and gustatory masterpiece, and the service is impeccable. The resident DJ on the night I visited spun some old-school classics, and I found myself swaying to the rhythm, my worries dissolving with each sip.

For a taste of local culture, Xima was the perfect finale to my Maputo adventure. Though small, the bar overflows with vibrant personalities and infectious energy. A live band belted out covers, even treating me to a song from my homeland, making the experience all the more special. The audience was invited to join the fun, and the energy was electric as traditional songs filled the air and patrons took to the dance floor.

Ponta do Ouro: Paradise Found

If you have a spare day, Ponta do Ouro is a must-visit. This slice of paradise boasts a beach of unparalleled beauty, with crystal-clear turquoise waters lapping at the shore. It’s the perfect escape to melt away your worries and simply be. The name “Ponta,” as I fondly nicknamed it, truly lives up to its promise. Fresh, delicious food and the locals’ warm hospitality add to this idyllic getaway’s charm.

Maputo: A Symphony of Work and Joy

Maputo defied all expectations of a business trip. It wasn’t just about presentations and reports; it was a beautiful balance between work and play, a blend that left me wanting more. This vibrant city offered a luxurious escape at every turn, from the impeccable service at the

Radisson Blu to the unforgettable culinary experiences and the chance to immerse myself in the local culture. So, the next time you find yourself in Maputo for work, remember a little luxury and a dash of local flavour can transform your trip into an unforgettable adventure.



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